cyber terror

Cyber Terror

THE STUXNET computer virus that swept through and almost destroyed an Iranian nuclear power plant has been hailed as a watershed moment in warfare…the dawn of cyber terrorism. There is only here little doubt that it was built by a state intelligence organisation and it has raised some alarming questions as to how vulnerable Britain could be to [...]


Gaga As A Role Model

INFAMOUS feminist contrarian Camille Paglia has caused controversy again recently by describing everyone’s favourite pop goddess Lady Gaga as a “plasticised android” whose popularity heralds the death of sex. Numerous fans in the media have come to Lady Gaga’s defence – she’s clever, she’s funny, she’s a great performer. Meanwhile, the internet has been a-flutter [...]


Paedophilia In The Church

POPE BENEDICT XVI has conducted his first Papal visit of the UK by touring England and Scotland for four days. Despite hundreds and thousands of followers and admirers the Pope’s visit has been shrouded in a cloud of anger that has raged on the issue of peadophilia within the Catholic church. Over the past decade, [...]

ground zero

A Mosuqe At Ground-Zero

SEPTEMBER 11TH 2010 marked the 9th anniversary of the terrorist atrocities that gripped America, and what was supposed to be a day of remembrance for the thousands that perished also turned into a day of protest and uproar. Terry Jones, the Pastor of a small Church in Florida hit the headlines with most notoriety with [...]


The Blair Legacy

THE publication of Blair’s memoir, viagra A Journey, has caused a flurry of press coverage, with some pundits arguing that Blair ranks among Britain’s greatest prime ministers by virtue of his bold social reforms and popular touch. Others have a more negative view of his talents: on the right, many claim that he presided over [...]

beautiful game

The Beautiful Game

THE WORLD CUP 2010 hosted by South Africa ended with Spain triumhant. However the ‘beautiful game’ over the best levitra price last month has recieved countless criticism for its lack of flair, goals and passion. Inherently football excites fanatical loyalty and passion from it’s millions of followers, many of whom make lavish claims for its aesthetic appeal, its underlying [...]


Safe Drugs

THE debate over the decriminalization of drugs in the UK has erupted again after a private statement made by the one-time head of the Royal College of cialis without prescriptions Physicians Sir Ian Gilmore was leaked to a drug-reform campaign group and the media. This reiterated the sentiment of David Nutt the former head of the Government’s drug [...]

public spending

Trimming Services

EVEN George Osborne’s fiercest critics would have to admit he was between a rock and a hard place when he set out the new budget on June 22. Britain has its biggest fiscal deficit since WWII – and, according to May’s IMF forecasts, it faces the toughest recovery of all the G20 countries. No one doubts [...]