NHS In Need Of Reform

By Sam Mendelson SINCE coming to power the coalition government has proposed sweeping reforms to the NHS. David Cameron argued that Britain had fallen behind other EU countries and that there was ‘little incentive in the NHS to improve the health of the nation’. The proposals put forward by the Health Secretary Andrew Lansley would see [...]


A Wikileaks Martyr

By Jules Norton Selzer WITH impending revelations about secret banks account details in Switzerland and the media hailing the albustanfestival.com first ‘Wikileaks revolution’ in Tunisia, capsule the influence of best prices for levitra Wikileaks on world politics appears considerable. However, pharm since the recent issuing of an International arrest warrant for Wikileaks’ founder, abortion Julian Assange, the tone of www.stantonmarris.com the [...]


VAT Rise

By Lauren King DESPITE both the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats pledging before the General Election not to only today increase tax on goods and services, usa cialis in what has been a resolutely unpopular measure with consumers, treatment retailers and industry, the Coalition Government rose VAT on January 4th from 17.5% to 20%. And what’s more, there seems [...]


Obama’s Magic Touch

BARACK OBAMA was inaugurated as President on the crest of a wave of change sweeping through America, but in the recent November mid-term elections his party suffered the heaviest losses in 70 years with Republicans winning 60 seats and taking control of the House of Representatives. A dejected Obama took responsibility for the Democrat’s “humbling” defeat [...]


The Use Of Torture

THE USE of torture in the War on Terror has been catapulted back into public consciousness this month after George W. Bush condoned waterboarding in his autobiography as a ‘highly effective enhanced interrogation technique’ on extremists and argued that it had helped prevent terrorist atrocities in the UK. The issue was further scrutinesed when Justice [...]


Diana’s Legacy

THE DAY had finally arrived: Prince William and Kate Middleton were engaged at last and the royal wedding at Westminster Abbey was front page news around the world. However, as one would expect, their happy news was marred by the shadow of Princess Diana’s death. She was, and still is, one of the most famous public [...]

university fees

University Fees

BRITAIN’S higher education funding looks set for the biggest revolution in its history after Lord Browne, the former head of BP, suggested sweeping reforms on tuition fees. This has led to protest in and around London with one turning especially violent as 40,000 students descended on the Conservative HQ, smashing the entrance and setting fire to [...]

social media

Social Media Changing The World

A LOT of attention has been focused on soft cialis social media recently with the release of Facebook’s auto-biographical film The Social Network and generic cialis overnight details that sites Facebook and Twitter have  combined audiences of over 550million members, ailment which accounts to one in fourteen people on the planet! But while social networking websites have allowed millions of people [...]


Axe The X-Factor

THE X-FACTOR, now in its seventh series, is a TV phenomenon. Created by Simon Cowell the format has been syndicated to 26 countries around the world, including Colombia, Indonesia and now America. Tens of thousands of would-be participants queue for hours to audition each year and after three yes’s, boot camp and the live shows, one [...]