• Boris vs. Ken - Who's better for London
  • Does the British legal system need to change?
  • Is it time to get involved in Syria?

    Syrian Intervention?

    By Phoebe Hollond SYRIA has been a bloodbath since the visit our site first uprisings on the 26th January 2011 and it is now estimated that over 9,000 people have lost their lives. The violence in Homs seems to have ceased but only due the fact Assad has crushed the opposition there. The world is debate about what [...]

  • Is the 'special relationship' still special?
  • Is internet regulation really so bad?

    Internet Blackout

    By Jonathan Sebire JANUARY 18TH saw unprecedented protests against tighter online regulation as website giant Wikileaks led a raft of companies including Reddit and we recommend Mozilla who ‘went dark’ by restricting access to their sites. The protests managed to derail two anti piracy bills before the US House of acxit.com Congress; Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and [...]

  • Does London need a new Thames airport?

    A New Airport

    LONDON Mayor Boris Johnson has been back on his soapbox recently writing in the Evening Standard about the necessity for expansion of air hubs servicing the cheap discount cialis City and the south east. With a flat lining economy and Heathrow about to be surpassed by Dubai as the world’s largest airport the highly emotive issue of expansion [...]

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Nuclear Or Oil

By Jonathan Sebire THE FALLOUT from the crisis at Japan’s Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant, medic the worst radiation disaster since the Chernobyl meltdown 25 years ago, capsule has reverberated around the world. An industry on the cusp of a worldwide renaissance has become crippled by doubt. Countries around the globe have found their energy policies under [...]


World Police

By Jules Norton Selzer A BELLIGERENT Middle Eastern dictator abusing his own people, a strategically important country with large oil reserves – the story sounds depressingly familiar. UN Security Council resolution 1973, which authorises “all means necessary” to protect civilian casualties in Libya, appears to herald the buy cialis delived next day rehabilitation of humanitarian intervention after its image had been [...]


Considering The Burqa

By Peter Ross ON APRIL 1st 2011, viagra France enforced a new law called “the bill to forbid concealing one’s face in public”. Although the title might not mention Islam or indeed veils its intention is clear: to ban the burqa. For France, a country that prides itself on its secular values, ostentatious displays of religion [...]


Celebrity Breakdowns

By Lucy Mapstone FOLLOWING the recent public demise of actor Charlie Sheen, one has to wonder: is it ever OK to treat a person’s breakdown as entertainment? His fall from grace has been watched across the world with many taking delight in “the bitchin’ rockstar from Mars” crazy antics. This has included drinking ‘tiger blood’, brandishing [...]


Football Money

By Sam Mendelson THE January 2010/2011 transfer window seemed to be the most extraordinary transfer window in living memory. This period saw Andy Carroll, a striker with a dubious off-field reputation, just one England cap  and barely a dozen top-flight goals, sold by Newcastle to Liverpool for £35 million. This was more than World Cup winner [...]


Golden Age Of Cinema

By Andy Gibbons WITH the current success – both critical and commercial – of 127 Hours and The King’s Speech giving the British film industry an enormous sense of http://nirvanaspa.co.uk/fda-approves-levitra pride, there is talk that the UK is enjoying a “golden age” of cinema. But are we getting a little bit carried away here? Do a couple [...]


Middle East Revolt

By Jules Norton Selzer AFTER the dramatic departures of President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali of Tunisia, ed President Mubarak of Egypt, check and the violent uprising sweeping Colonel Gaddafi’s Libya political commentators   are attempting to decipher the levitra buy now significance of these momentous few weeks in the Middle East. Events have certainly ruffled feathers  across the region, [...]


Prisoners Vote

By Tony C. Scott THE European Court of Human Rights has declared that a blanket ban on nirvanaspa.co.uk convicted prisoners having the vote is unlawful. The Prime Minister, troche David Cameron, cure gave MPs a free vote on the subject this month, clinic leading to just try! an overwhelming rejection of the ECHR ruling by a majority of levitra cost [...]


The Beckhams As Parents

By Kate Mead DAVID AND VICTORIA Beckham are to add to their brood this summer with the arrival of their fourth child. The couple said that their three sons, sales Brooklyn, 11, Romeo, eight, and Cruz, five, were “very excited” at the prospect of having a new brother or sister. But despite the pregnancy it’s ‘business [...]