Are strikes bad for Britain?

Strikes: Good or Bad?

ON THE 30th November over two million public sector workers are expected to walk out over the proposed cuts to public pensions. As a result there is expected to be delays across Englands airports, delays in NHS operations, and ineffective border controls. This isn’t the first strike of the year, but it is potentially the lagerst [...]


A War Without An End

11/11/11 MARKED the 10th Remembrance Day anniversary since the Afghanistan war began. On Remembrance Day we shall not only remember those that gave their lives in the two World Wars and Iraq, but we shall also pay homage to the 384 servicemen and women who have died in Afghanistan alone. It has been a tumultuous [...]

Peace In The Middle East

Peace In The Middle East

By Jules Norton Selzer   63 YEARS after the United Nations created the state of Israel, order the President of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO) Mahmood Abbas stood in front of a packed U.N. General Assembly to plead with the world’s nations to give the Palestinian people their own country. It was a moment of [...]


Heading For A Double-Dip

By Jonathan Sebire 2011 HAS not been the year of the best site growth that Britain had expected, nor what the coalition government had promised. There has been a sense of impending economic doom emanating from southern Europe. The Euro is in choas, leaders are being removed left-right-and-centre to deal with the issue, unemployment is at a new [...]