It is time for gay marriage to be recognised in the UK?

Gay Marriage?

By Andre Langlois AT LAST  year’s Conservative party conference Prime Minister David Cameron announced that gay marriage would be legalised in the UK before the next general election. A consultation will assess only how it should be implemented. Dismissed by some as a shallow and unwarranted bid to appeal to a younger electorate, and by [...]

Is it time to get involved in Syria?

Syrian Intervention?

By Phoebe Hollond SYRIA has been a bloodbath since the first uprisings on the 26th January 2011 and it is now estimated that over 9,000 people have lost their lives. The violence in Homs seems to have ceased but only due the fact Assad has crushed the opposition there. The world is debate about what [...]

Is internet regulation really so bad?

Internet Blackout

By Jonathan Sebire JANUARY 18TH saw unprecedented protests against tighter online regulation as website giant Wikileaks led a raft of the best site companies including Reddit and Mozilla who ‘went dark’ by restricting access to their sites. The protests managed to derail two anti piracy bills before the US House of Congress; Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and [...]

Should Scotland ditch the UK?

Time to leave?

By Jonathan Sebire & Andre Langlois ALEX SALMOND’S Scottish National Party has never been stronger and are now calling for a referendum on full Scottish independence, breaking apart the United Kingdom. But is that wise? Should Scotland dump the UK and if they did so would they be better off, or even survive?   1. [...]

Should Diane Abbott resign after her ‘racist’ tweet?

Controversial Tweet

THE RESTRICTIVE nature of 140 characters has not prevented Twitter from landing several high profile people in hot water. So when, ailment shortly after the Stephen Lawrence trial verdict was delivered, Labour MP and Shadow Minister for Public Health, Diane Abbott, engaged in a conversation that ended with the Tweet: “White people love playing ‘divide [...]

Does London need a new Thames airport?

A New Airport

LONDON Mayor Boris Johnson has been back on his soapbox recently writing in the Evening Standard about the necessity for expansion of air hubs servicing the City and the south east. With a flat lining economy and Heathrow about to be surpassed by Dubai as the world’s largest airport the highly emotive issue of expansion [...]

Virgin Money buys Northern Rock: But do the taxpayers get a good deal?

A Good Deal?

By Safraz Syed THE UK government has recently announced that Northern Rock will be bought by Virgin Money. Northern Rock was nationalised in 2008 when it fell into deep financial difficulty bought about mainly as a result of the weak global financial climate. The government assumed responsibility of the failed bank, anabolics until recently when [...]

Has there been an overreaction to Clarkson's comments?

A Costly Comment

By Daniel da Costa JEREMY CLARKSON  has caused public outrage yet again by commenting on the One Show that the public sector workers on strike deserve to be shot in front of we choice their families. Clarkson and the BBC have been forced to apologise for their actions but it seems the dust still hasn’t set on [...]

Are strikes bad for Britain?

Strikes: Good or Bad?

ON THE 30th November over two million public sector workers are expected to walk out over the proposed cuts to public pensions. As a result there is expected to be delays across Englands airports, delays in NHS operations, and ineffective border controls. This isn’t the first strike of the year, but it is potentially the lagerst [...]


A War Without An End

11/11/11 MARKED the 10th Remembrance Day anniversary since the Afghanistan war began. On Remembrance Day we shall not only remember those that gave their lives in the two World Wars and Iraq, but we shall also pay homage to the 384 servicemen and women who have died in Afghanistan alone. It has been a tumultuous [...]