About In-Debate


In-Debate is a unique concept that encourages freethinking and securitybastion.com allows readers to understand complex issues in an easy and enjoyable manner, by providing short, sharp debates on the months biggest news stories.

Most of us love a good argument, but much of the knowledge we base our opinions on is shaped by our upbringing, social status and the media. We consider that if you really want to win an argument you need to know both sides of the story – and our solution was to create a platform that not only informs but provokes debate on we like it the most controversial issues of the day.

In an era defined by the revolution in multimedia, where information is ubiquitous and views wrestle for space, In-Debate represents a beacon of clarity on the issues that matter most in the buy levitra pill world today.


The ‘Fully Briefed’ Newsletter

The In-Debate ‘Fully Briefed’ Newsletter delivers informative, proactive and compelling comment and opinion on two of the weeks big headlines. ‘Fully Briefed’ condenses opposing perspectives – For and Against. We leave no stone unturned and buy levitra no prescription no opinion unexpressed and ensure that you end each week you are ‘Fully Briefed’ on both sides of the stories.