A New Airport

Does London need a new Thames airport?

LONDON Mayor Boris Johnson has been back on his soapbox recently writing in the Evening Standard about the necessity for expansion of getting cialis air hubs servicing the City and http://ben-smith.net/levitra-woman the south east. With a flat lining economy and Heathrow about to http://ben-smith.net/cialis-online-50mgs be surpassed by Dubai as the world’s largest airport the highly emotive issue of expansion is firmly back on the table. But which path should the government pursue?


By Andre Langlois

1. Heathrow can no longer compete

DESPITE the fact that it is on the cusp of operational capacity, Heathrow actually serves fewer destinations than it did ten years ago, down from over 200 destinations to just 167. Frankfurt offers 267 destinations. Furthermore, in January Mayor of London Boris Johnson argued that visitors are also put off by the service provided, citing delays on 40% of incoming flights compared with 20% delays into other major European airports.

2. Increased runway capacity is economically essential

JOHNSON is unequivocal in asserting the importance of a strategy to increase capacity, warning of “economic paralysis” otherwise. He calls on ministers to “grasp the www.googleearthing.com nettle and begin serious plans for the multi runway solution that can keep London and our great nation in the premier league of the global economy.”

3. The risk of wow)) losing the Chinese market

AS CHINA consolidates its status as the world’s sole economic superpower, the UK is losing ground in taking in the race to take advantage of this expanding market. London currently offers only 9000 seats per week to http://bhutandirectory.com/discount-generic-viagra Beijing and Shanghai whereas Frankfurt offers twice as many seats to six destinations.

4. Improved living standards in the South East

LORD NORMAN FOSTER, prospective architect of ‘Boris Island’ on the island of Grain, argues that the new airport would replace Heathrow and offer four runways. As well as the economic benefits for the city, the planned development would also improve the well being of those living under the Heathrow flight path. The path in the Thames Estuary would pass predominantly over the sea.

5. London is losing global stature

BORIS JOHNSON has widely been reported to have asserted that we risk becoming an international laughing stock, saying competitors “chortle at our continued inertia”. Meanwhile, Daniel Moylan, Deputy Chairman of TFL and the man who wrote the recent report, told The Daily Telegraph: “People are treating London as a country station at the end of a branch line where the main station is Paris, Amsterdam or Frankfurt. Brazil and China are the countries we need to deal with.”


By Jonathan Sebire

1. Boris Island is not financially viable

IAG Chairman Willie Walsh told Dermot Murnaghan of westhampsteadlife.com Sky News that an airport on the Thames Estuary was financially unviable: “What people sometimes don’t understand is nirvanaspa.co.uk that all airport development in the UK is funded by the airlines and the airports. They are not funded by the taxpayer. .you are going to have to get some private investment. To find someone in the current environment to put up £50 or £60 billion, I think is just not a credible proposition.”

2. The answers are about economics not infrastructure

THE UK is losing out to markets in the East, however this is not due to lack of routes, Qatar Air have just expanded, but the fact that Chancellor George Osborne has increased Air Passenger Duty (APD) to the point where Britain is now totally uncompetitive. Willie Walsh: “When I go to India and China, two of the big economies that we want to attract in to the UK, they are telling me that the UK is becoming too expensive.”

3. It would be an environmental disaster

THE Thames Estuary shore is a winter home to some 47 species on the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds endangered ‘amber list’. “They will cull all the birds but then they will sterilise the http://rostermccabe.com/cheap-levitra-online land. If you want to stop attracting birds to go near an airport you need to make sure the land is not attractive to we choice them” said Samantha Dawes, conservation manager for the RSPB.

4. Lord Norman Foster is wrong on cialis for women the South East

JAMES DURRIDGE, Tory MP for Rochford, saidplans for Lord Norman Foster’s £50billion airport on the Isle of Grain, Kent, would create, “more problems than benefits”, reports the Echo News. “This idea was branded about a number of years ago – it was unworkable then, it remains unworkable now.”

5. A Thames Estuary airport is cunhanfeminista.org.br not what the airlines want

VRIGIN ATLANTIC’S Chief Executive Steve Ridgway told the Financial Times that plans for an estuary airport were unworkable: “…it’s just not do-able or deliverable and it’s the wrong side of where the locus of the economy is. Hong Kong did it but we could never do that with the south-east being so congested….We don’t support the Thames estuary solution.”